African Safaris- 5 Incredible Experiences


The Great Migration

Get to experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World up close by taking a Safari into the Serengeti. This vast plain is shared between the northern part of Tanzania and the south western part of Kenya. The Great Migration refers to the migration of the wildebeest, approximated to be over two million of them, from the Serengeti National Park in the north part of Tanzania to what is termed as greener pastures in the Kenyan Maasai Mara National Park. This happens in July all the way through to October. This experience is highlighted by watching the hunt as carnivores like lions and crocodiles prey on the wildebeest as they try to cross through. The crocodiles hunt them as they cross through the Mara River while the lions prey on them as they enter the Maasai Mara, one of the parks in the world with the biggest numbers of these big cats in the wild.A truly life changing spectacle, watch as primordial nature takes its course.

Hot air balloon over the Serengeti

Few scenes beat the delight of wildlife watching over the Serengeti on a hot air balloon. This will give you an opportunity to fully see the vast plain since the limitation of lack of road will be eliminated. Get to see as much of the 30,000 square kilometers as you can. Experience the radiant African lights early morning or late afternoon as they beautifully illuminate the majestic wildlife running on the plain down below; even more so during the great migration. The perfect activity on a luxury safari.

Tiger fishing on the Zambezi

Africa’s fourth largest river, the Zambezi, is famous for its huge sized tiger fish. Experience the vast fishing possibilities provided by 2700 kilometers of water that flows down to the Indian Ocean. Located in Zambia, Africa, this river has drawn many from far and wide who come to experience the thrill of catching one of the most sought after fish.

Perfect destinations to start off your fishing trip would be in Barotse as there are numerous fishing lodges available. There are also a number of other popular lodges whose presence is felt online like the Angle Zambia lodge for instance. Carry some sun lotion however as it can get hot down there.

Gorilla trekking

This experience is for the bold hearted as it takes quite some effort and the chance of meeting a mountain gorilla up close can be quite daunting. This beautiful species can be viewed in three African countries: Uganda, the Republic of Congo and Rwanda. The mountain gorilla is however an endangered species and are quite few in the world, making viewing it an even more exciting experience. Spotting it could take trekking in the deep forest of Bwindiin Uganda for hours on end. Hiking into the Gahinga and Muhavuru volcanoes lets you view the golden monkeys while trekking into the Odzala- Kokoua National park in Congo gives you a chance of spotting the lowland gorillas.

Floating over the Namib Desert

Experience the sights of color illuminated from the sky onto the desert sand by flying over the Namib Desert. Much as you may not get to see much wildlife here, the sights and sceneries you get to experience here are quite worth the trip, and it is the perfect finish to a luxury safari if you’ve been lucky enough to afford one. You can also get to spot the black rhino, desert elephant and lions as you get the full desert experience.

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