Adventure Holidays Kids Will Never Forget

Photo Credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

Photo Credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

If you have a tendency to jet off on the same kinds of holidays with your family year in, year out, they can all start to merge into one. This is particularly the case if you have a favourite destination that you revisit time and time again.

Many parents may be wary of travelling to more exotic destinations, but with the wealth of family-oriented tours on offer nowadays, there’s no reason not to expand your horizons a little. Explore Worldwide offers tailor-made family itineraries, which means every member of your family is taken into account when activities and accommodation are being organised. The following are just three places you may want to consider exploring with the kids.

Sri Lanka

This teardrop-shaped island has everything you could possibly want for a fun-filled family getaway and then a little bit more. Its south coast is renowned for its stunning beach resorts, the whole country is dotted with fantastic national parks and it’s home to numerous historical sites that are not only educational, but also incredibly cool.

Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they’re helped on to the back of an elephant for a ride, or when they feed these gentle giants pieces of fruit and feel their soft trunks brushing against their fingers. Think of their awe-inspired looks as they climb up to a temple that’s located on top of a huge rock (also known as Lion Rock). And picture their happy smiles as they play on one of the white sand beaches and splash in the waters of the Indian Ocean. If that doesn’t sound like a family holiday to remember forever, we’re not quite sure what does!


If you’re keen to give your family holiday a historical slant, you can’t really beat Egypt as a destination, given that it’s home to the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World. Of course, the Ancient Egyptians left much more behind than just their famous pyramids and it’s the temples and tombs of southern Egypt that are likely to enchant your children the most.

A river cruise from Abu Simbel – one of the most impressive temple complexes in the whole country – to Luxor and its staggeringly huge Karnak Temple, is one of the best ways to see this part of the country. Kids will love the ruined temples and can feel as though they’re part of an Indiana Jones movie as they explore, not to mention the fact that sleeping on a boat for a few nights will only add to the excitement.

Riding camels through the desert to reach seemingly inaccessible sites like St Simeon’s Monastery, and snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea are just a couple of the other activities you can look forward to and that are bound to capture little ones’ imaginations.


Although south-east Asia may be more often associated with backpacking trips than family breaks, there is a lot on offer in this part of the world for parents and kids. The key with any family getaway to this region is not overdoing it – restrict yourselves to exploring just one or two countries at a time to ensure you’re not overwhelmed or too tired from lots of travelling.

Vietnam is an excellent candidate for families as it boasts such a wide array of attractions. Begin your tour in Hanoi, a wonderful blend of colonial heritage and Vietnamese charm. Consider cycling around the streets if your children are old enough – they’ll love exploring in this way and you’ll feel like the locals, who seem to be able to transport all manner of odd belongings and even animals by bike!

From here, head to the world-famous Ha Long Bay, where you can swap your bikes for sea kayaks to get a close-up look at the stunning limestone cliffs and islands that make this lagoon so spectacular.

Make sure you also introduce your children to some of Vietnam’s more recent history with a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels. There’s no better way to bring history to life than by experiencing things first-hand. At this museum you can enter a series of tunnels that are similar to those used by the Viet Cong in the war against the USA in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Hopefully at least one of these suggestion will have inspired you and your kids to do something a little more adventurous on your next family holiday.

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