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Do you like to visit somewhere, or do you like to experience somewhere?

I guess this is a ridiculous question to the untrained traveller, of course you want to simply go somewhere; however for those who want to see somewhere and feel it, taste it, experience it, and totally immerse themselves in it, there is only one solution to the quandary – see it through the expert eyes of a local.

Cities may like daunting places when you’re not too sure about where to go and what to do, however when you visit with an expert guide, someone who not only knows about the place, but feels it too, your experience is improved ten-fold. One destination which could certainly benefit from a local touch is Amsterdam.

This Dutch city, packed with museums, galleries, sporting fun, places to sit, places to experience, canals, tulips, markets, and basically nightlife to make your eyes water, is huge and winding, and it’s quite easy to get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. This is where a local guide comes in handy!

Things to do in Amsterdam offers fantastic bespoke tours with local guides, all completely private, with some slightly different tours available, compared to what you may find from regular street vendors. Do you want to follow the same old tourist path? Or do you want to try something a little different?

From canal tours, to night-time bar crawls, museum guides, to homestays with traditional meals cooked for you, visiting Amsterdam with the help of a local is the best way to understand the city’s heartbeat, and to find out some interesting traditions along the way.

The markets in and around Amsterdam are huge and they are quite easy to find yourself a little lost in, however when you choose a guide to help you, not only do you understand the market, you have a guide to help you find your way, but you also get to try a few new things, such as street dishes you might not have attempted otherwise.

The same can be said for canal tours around the city – if you choose a regular street vendor tour, you might find yourself packed in with countless other visitors, however a private local tour means you will have limited numbers, you will be able to talk to your guide much easier, and you will basically enjoy the whole thing so much more.

Put simply, travel is about experiences, and cities are full of them; the problem comes when you simply don’t know where to look. Add a guide to the mix and you won’t have that problem!

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