A Holiday of a Lifetime The Best Indian Ocean Destinations for Honeymooners

Photo Credit: man's pic via photopin cc

Photo Credit: man’s pic via photopin cc

The most important and special holiday in your life is undoubtedly going to be your honeymoon. When you put so much effort into planning one particular day, with all that stress, you want a holiday where you can kick back, chill the hell out, and relax. There are some amazing destinations the world over, but the best and most famous have to be those stunning islands that dwell in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Swaying palms, clear oceans, cloudless skies, endless sun, and a laid-back atmosphere that will kick out any lingering wedding stress. The only major decision you will have to make is which one to visit. Of course, your choice is dependent on your preferences, but the four we will talk about below are the most popular.

Which will you visit?


There are countless Mauritius honeymoon locations, but one of the most stunning places to visit has to be Ile de Cerfs, where you will find the most beautiful beach you will ever set eyes on. This tropical island has something for everyone, not least being very easy on the eye to say the least. Fantastic for diving, walking, chilling out, and once in a lifetime holidays, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Mauritius as their honeymoon destination. Culturally diverse, it’s not all about lying on a beach, so if you want something a little active from your break, then this is a great choice.


This group of islands offers the typical castaway beach experience, with clear water, making it easy to see the coral lined, marine-life rich sea-bed. Perfect for sunbathing, these beaches are also a scuba diving paradise, with colourful fish to pay a visit to. Fancy a bit of culture and shopping? Head to Male for a day away from the beach. Luxury is as standard in the Maldives.


We’ve used the word ‘paradise’ a lot, but this is where the word fits perfectly. Sitting just off the east coast of Africa, you can expect beauty in bucket-loads. The main island of Mahe is where you’ll find most in the way of tourist experience, as well as the capital, Victoria. The other inhabited islands are Praslin and La Digue, which form part of this archipelago of more than 100 islands. Beach life, nature, walking – what more could you want?

Sri Lanka

Tropical beauty and culture are what make Sri Lanka so special. Temples, elephants, thundering waterfalls, mountains, gardens, coconut-fringed beaches, fantastic diving, as well as the sacred site of Kandy – Sri Lanka will give you more than enough to keep you occupied. Colombo is great for a spot of shopping and city life, whilst still maintaining that ocean-life, laid-back vibe the region is so famous for.

If you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, these four suggestions should more than whet your appetite for luxury and beauty.

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