8 Reasons All Students Should Travel

Traveling the world at any age is a wonderful experience. You get to learn about different cultures and civilizations and see new sights. Many students long to get out there and see it all while they are young and it’s definitely worth doing. Here are the main reasons why.

No Responsibilities

This is probably the only time in your life when there is nothing holding you back. You are young enough to have no ties such as children or an important job, but old enough to travel without your parents.

You Don’t Mind Roughing it

Traveling when you’re older can often be more expensive simply because you are willing to pay for a more comfortable experience. Or, you are traveling with children and family that have certain requirements. Traveling as a student can mean you’re more inclined to take cheaper flights and accommodation without affecting your enjoyment.

Cheaper Travel

As a student, you have longer holidays which allow you to save a fortune by traveling out of season. If you are studying an online course such as an online military history degree you could travel at any time and study while you are away.

To Learn

If you are studying a military history degree, traveling the world and visiting the sites of some great military battles could be incredibly useful to your studies. Whatever course you are studying, there will be a lot you can learn from other countries and cultures.

Personal Growth

Traveling changes you. You’ll gain so many different experiences and see first-hand how others around the world live that you can’t help but come home slightly changed. It will put all your problems into perspective and help you mature as a person.

Meet New People

You’ll also meet people that will change your life. Some might be people you admire and respect, others might be people that teach you a lot, and others still may end up becoming lifelong friends you always keep in touch with. Traveling is a great way to meet a huge variety of different people who will shape the person you become.

It Looks Great on Your Resume

Traveling helps you to develop an enormous range of skills which look fantastic on your resume. Your experiences and the things you learn along the way could be what sets you apart from other graduates applying for the same jobs as you in the future.


Whether you travel alone or in a group of friends you will find a new level of independence. You’ve probably always had parents to look after you before. Or they’ll have at least been close and you’ll have been surrounded by people you know. While you are traveling, you have to learn how to look after yourself and rely on no-one but yourself.

Many young people put off traveling because of the expense. Then they graduate, get jobs, have families, and the chance has gone. While you don’t have to see the whole world, try to at least see some of it while you are young. It could change your life.


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