7 Exciting Destinations to Explore in 2015



Greece: land of the gods. Here, you have to ensure you visit the most popular place which is Athens and see the ancient Acropolis & Parthenon and its historic buildings and art. Check out Rhodes and see the ruins and the beautiful beaches not to mention the medieval monuments. Olympia is of course, another must see. Ensure you visit its museums and the ruins of its ancient stadium. For sun and sand visit Parga, Hersonissos or even AgiosNikolaos among others, where you will experience some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.


This is the land of the Wildebeest and a must visit in Africa. You therefore have to go where the wildlife is. Visit the Tsavo national Park and get to see the elephants, go on a safari or simply enjoy the safari lodge. The Maasai Mara is also a must visit as you get to see the wildebeest first hand, encounter the Maasai tribe and their beautiful hand-made ornaments, go camping or even visit the game reserve. Mombasa offers you sand and sun on its beaches, undying nightlife and scuba diving. If you’re al for the nightlife, then the capital city Nairobi is where you need to be. Places like Malindi, Kisumu, Watamu, Shimba Hills National Reserve among others are also important land marks that will give you a taste of Kenya.


Israel is known for its scenic historical views. There are some places that you cannot afford to miss while on holiday in Israel. Tel Aviv is a good start with its beaches, beautiful vintage white buildings and never dying nightlife. Eliat is another place that you have to go to to for scuba diving, warm beaches and dolphin watching not to mention beautiful coral reefs. Galilee, the place where Jesus was born is a must visit with its synagogues, Christian history, wineries and mountains. Tiberias is a must see with its hot springs, synagogues and beautiful historic churches. The list goes on including Netanya, Jaffa, Acre, the Sea of Galilee among many other beautiful scenic places.


In Botswana, see and enjoy all you can. Start with a place like Okavango Delta and enjoy a safari and watch the wildlife, see the rivers and even the swamps. Chobe National Park offers you camping and the view of parks as well as the wildlife that comes with them. If you are into mining and visiting such sites then Francistown is the place for you. There are casinos and lights stay on here all night through. You can also get to go on a safari here as well. Other popular places include Nxai Pans National Park, Nata, and Central Kalahari Game Reserve among many others.


Many dream to visit this beautiful country; it is very clear why. The Seychelles offers you a place like Victoria with its botanical gardens, temples and the clock tower not to mention all the malls for your shopping pleasure. La Digue grants you the pleasure of beaches, scuba diving as well as snorkeling. It is such a beautiful place that it is very popular for honeymooners. The coral reef lovers should check out Aldabra and get to see the beautiful coral reefs as well as tortoise, turtles and lagoons. Some of the most desirable beachfronts include Beau Vallon and Curieuse Island from which you can sail, take boat rides as well as go snorkeling. Beau Vallon has a few casinos for the game lovers.

Many people discount the Seychelles as being too expensive, but there are some great holiday deals out there which means even normal folks like you and me can go and mix it with the celebrities!


Morocco is known for beaches and history. As such places like Marrakesh are a must visit with its Koutubia Mosque. Casablanca offers you the Hassan II Mosque as well as the Mauresque buildings. For beaches visit Essaouira, Saidia, Tetouan, Asilah and Ifrane. Culture is well spread in Morocco especially in places like Oujda where music and history and architecture thrives.

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