5 Great Ways to Explore India



Understanding a country’s culture is best understood when you interact with the people. What better way of adding value to others than to take part in a volunteer project. Choose from a variety of skills that you have, roll up your sleeves, and change a few lives. In India, you have a vast array of volunteering opportunities, from teaching English in Kerala, socio-economic projects in Mumbai, education projects in the north, to volunteering for social businesses all across the country. As you touch the lives of others, you get the opportunity to change yours as well.

By Train

A truly exciting way to tour India is by luxury train. If you want to take in as much as possible of this immense country, and still indulge all the way through, then these “maharajan” trains will definitely be worth your while. Climb the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, a truly plush carriage plying the Rajasthan route. You can also opt for the Palace on Wheels for a truly kingly tour of the Rajasthan area as well. For other sides of the country, try the Golden Chariot or the Maharaja Express.


If you are looking for a place to spoil yourself, then India’s lush luxury scene is overflowing with tasteful activities for you. First, pick out a hotel route that is decadent and purely exotic. From the ultra-deluxeRajvilas in the romantic Jaipur to the plush up-scale Four Seasons in Mumbai. These hotels are just but an example of the extreme luxury services available in beautiful India. Expect infinity pools, dedicated chauffer services, limousine service, and of course the finest in dining. Also, being at the heart of Asia gives you an opportunity to try out genuine exotic massages from spas steeped in Indian culture. While luxury hotel hopping, check out the traditional gems and jewelry markets in Jaipur for an even more decadent time. Choose a luxury tour operator like this to make your plan and you will find yourself visiting the best places and staying in the most beautiful spots, whilst still experiencing the real India.


For the longest time, India has been a haven for the budget tourist. Very few places on earth offer you the opportunity to travel and explore on such meager sums. Scattered all across the country are budget hostels and hotels, accommodating for the brave who truly want to experience unfiltered India. The joys of true Indian culture come alive when you are putting up with a few other like-minded budgeters, eating local cuisine consistently, and chasing cheap and free attractions throughout the country. Whether it is taking walks through Mumbai’s streets, exploring the exciting Rajasthan province, or even experiencing the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, the opportunities are very vast.


Nothing beats exploring culture and sites like living with the locals. Swap the comfort of your familiar settings and head on over to a family right in the heart of India. Live, eat, love, and laugh with them, experiencing life like a true Indian family member. Life long bonds will be formed, and your life will never be the same as you are exposed to the beauty and oddities of other cultures. If you want a truly intimate experience, then this is for you.

 Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

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