4 Unique Modes of Travel for Top Destinations

It’s one thing to go on a vacation at any of the fabulous destinations in the world; it’s quite another to choose the best modes of getting around once you’ve landed. Some places, such as New York City, are so crowded that taxis and driving are eschewed in favor of walking – otherwise, you wouldn’t get to half the places on your itinerary as you spend hours in traffic.

We’ll take a look at some of the top travel destinations for your looming vacation, and explore unique modes of transport that maximize the best of what the cities have to offer.

Getting Around in New York

If you’ve ever been to the heart of the Big Apple, then you’re well aware of the crowded sidewalks and innumerable taxis. The foot speed is literally five times the car speed on the busiest days – which is every day during the spring and summer tourist seasons.

If you’re set on navigating with ease, without walking for miles in the crowds, then Go New York Tours: NYC Double Decker Bus Tours, Hop On Hop Off Tours should be the transport of choice. Sitting high above the streets, you’ll be able to experience the sights and sounds of downtown and many other famous stretches of land.

Take it from us – it’s the perfect, stress-free way to check out the Bronx, upper Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and other famous landmarks.

Travel By Dogsled in the Alaskan Outback

Although the great state of Alaska is part of the US; it definitely can feel like another country, given the 180 degree difference in average temperature. It’s as close you’ll get to simulating the Siberian tundra without actually touching in down in Russia.

In particular, if you choose to vacation at EarthSong Lodge, you’ll be privy to the Denali dog sled expedition. All the equipment you need for multiple days out in the freezing, snowy landscape will be provided to you, along with the powerful but friendly canines that will carry your sled aloft.

They have been trained with military precision, and will carry you and your equipment as easily as you might carry a newborn baby. You won’t be braving it alone, nor would you have to sacrifice comfort – heated tents are brought along, and there are evening cabins along your route.

Camels in the Moroccan Desert

If you’re looking for a vacation of the more adventurous variety, then the Marrakech countryside of Morocco could just be the place for you – if you like deserts, sand dunes and cliffs. Specifically; the Sahara Desert – where the only beast of burden that could survive for any length of time is the camel.

Although you might think endless fields of sand when you hear “Sahara”, there are a surprising number of unexpected formations. The landscape showcases seaside towns and Berber villages that look like rock formations from a distance. You’ll alternate between walking and riding camelback as you trek through isolated locations with grazing goats and kind, native people. The cool night air offers tremendous respite from the blazing days; one thing’s for sure – it would be a trip like none other.

Cruise Ship Travel

This one, of course, is fairly popular – but it never gets old. There simply isn’t a better way to get as close to the ocean as possible without going for an actual swim. Modern-day cabins are replete with as many amenities as some of the better land-based hotels; with the added benefit of the deep blue sea stretching as far as your eyes can see in every direction.

There are different levels of cabins you can book, too – as well as specifying the part of the ship you wish to stay in. Choose cruise ship vendors by port, so that you can stop at the exotic locations of your choosing. Most cruise ships have enough parties on board the actual ship for you to stay entirely aboard and experience the vacation of a lifetime.


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