3 Alternative Locations for A Surf Break


Sri Lanka

There are so many surfing destinations in Sri Lanka that deciding to visit them all would take a very long time. Start with Hikkaduwa where beaches, scuba diving and nightlife lure you in even as you come to surf. Weligama is another great surfing spot that also offers you whale watching as well as snorkeling. Talalla South is another site big for big wave surfing. It has perfect sceneries for yoga and the beaches are breathtaking. If you want to blend your surfing with surface water sports then Bentota is the place to be. You get awesome seafood with it and get to see some turtles while at it. There is a Temple at Matara making it a perfect surfing destination for the religious. There are numerous other surfing spots upto and including Ahangama, Potuvil, Habaraduwa and Kalpitiya which is a great place to watch dolphins and whales as you surf.

A perfect example of a surfing accommodation destination is the Green Rooms in the southwestern side of Sri Lanka. Other options include TajSamudra Colombo and Casa Colombo among others that are situated near the coastline.

There is loads to do in Sri Lanka, but if you’re a surfer you’ll struggle to find anywhere better.


The entire coastline of Morocco is a great place for a surfing holiday. From the high end of Imsouane, through Tamri, Boilers, Draculars down to the famous Anchor Point, through Taghazoute all the way to Spiders and Banana Point. All these points receive a relevant amount of wave action especially at the end of autumn and through to May. Your only mission to enjoying these awesome waves is to position yourself close enough.

Surf Camp Taghazoute is one of the most popular surfing accommodations here. There are various other options including apartments that are especially cheap; most of which are provided as a package.

El Salvador

El Salvador is laced with great surf lines all of which are accessible even if by boat for some. The main anchors of the surf life in El Salvador are Punta Roca and La Libertad. These spots get best hit by summertime waves as the entire coastline faces south. Other surfing spots on El Salvador’s coastline include Mizata, Sunzal, La Bocana, Playa Conchalioand Playa San Diego as well as El Muelle the Pier. You are sure to enjoy the water here as the temperatures barely ever go below 80 degrees so the water is always good. Try visiting around March and April as the dry season rolls out and the swells are rolling in.

For accommodation in El Salvador around surf points, try Casa de Mar Resort, TekuaniKal, k59 Surf Camp, Horizones Surf camp, Playa Las Flores Surf Resort, San Blas Hotel, EasenciaNativa, Eco Surf Lodge, Mizata Surf Lodge and Mizata Last Resort among others.

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