10 Best Cities to Visit in Europe in 2014

Europe is a continent brimming with culture, and thankfully easy to navigate. Long distance trains and low cost airlines make hopping between countries and cities easy, as well as fantastic beach resorts. 


With so many places to choose from, it’s hard to pinpoint where the best cities to visit are, and one person’s opinion could differ wildly from the next. With this in mind, this is my list of the 10 best cities on European soil, which deserve a visit this year.


  • Istanbul, Turkey – The only city on the planet to straddle two continents, at least half of it is in Europe, so it can technically go on this list. Full of culture and fantastic sights, the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sofia should be on your to-do list.
  • Rome, Italy – A weekend will never be enough, in fact a week will never be enough, but a visit will leave you wanting more. Full of delicious cuisine, vibrant city life, and more sights than you will ever fit into your fit into your visit.
  • Barcelona, Spain – From huge shopping opportunities, a laid-back atmosphere, and the stunning gothic cathedral, Barcelona is a sophisticated city break choice.
  • Marrakech, Morocco  – Like another world entirely, mysterious souks and delicious cuisine will tempt you, and trips out into the desert will be an experience like no other.
  • Venice, Italy – A floating city full of history and architectural delights, there is nowhere else on earth quite like Venice.
  • Athens, Greece – For anyone into Greek history, and if you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the Acropolis, this vibrant city is one to be explored.
  • Oslo, Norway – A little pricey, but a beautiful city all the same, in a perfect setting to explore nature, as well as arts and culture.
  • Prague, Czech Republic – Romance, history, culture, and vibe that it entirely different to many other cities, costs are also low here, which makes it a great choice for a bargain city break.
  • Paris, France – A city of romance! The Eiffel Tower, the River Seine, the Louvre … the list goes on!
  • London, UK – A huge, bustling and vibrant city, London is full of history, sights and culture again, with fantastic shopping and plentiful gastronomical delights to sample.


Ten of the best European cities, yet there are many, many more to sample too. The only thing to remember when visiting a new European city is to try and speak a little of the language, because it may not be needed, due to the fact most people speak English, but it will put a smile on the face of the locals, knowing that you at least tried.


Europe is there to be explored!

photo credit: cuellar via photopin cc

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