10 Best Apps for Travellers

Phones these days are much more than a brick to talk and text on, in fact if I lost my phone, I’d feel like my left arm had been cut off. The advantage of modern technology is that whenever we’re on our travels, we can practically find out anything we want, simply at the touch of a button. Quick and simple. 


When we’re overseas, in a completely different environment, it’s easy to feel vulnerable and unable to ask for advice if we’re stuck, e.g. wanting to know where the nearest ATM is. These apps make it easy to not only sidestep any potential problems, but also enhance your holiday beyond measure.



If you’re about to jet off on holiday, or maybe you’re wanting to know a loved one has landed safely, this is the app for you. Follow countless flights around the globe, including real-time information on delays, with maps at the touch of a button.

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. 


XE Currency

The famous website has gone mobile, and helps you convert countless different currencies, with bang up to date live currency rates.

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone for free.



No more social blunders where tipping is concerned, with the help of this handy app. Tipping differs wildly all over the world, and you can’t be expected to know what to do in every country, so let this app help you out.

Available on iPhone.


Google Goggles

Catchy name, this app is bursting with information. Picture the scene – you see a building, and you know it’s important, you can just feel it, and you want to know why, because that’s what travel is all about, but you don’t know what it’s called. Simple. Point your camera at it, and this app will hopefully link you to several Wikipedia articles, loading you up with information.

Available on iPhone and Android for free.



The great thing about FourSquare is concerning restaurants. Simply tag yourself at a certain place, log into the app and you’ll see countless tips and recommendations from those who have been there before. Not sure whether to have the steak? The app will tell you whether it’s good or not!

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone for free.


Wi-Fi Finder

With huge phone bills the result of ridiculously high data roaming charges, this app will not only make life easier, but save you money. You can download apps of places you’re going before you jet off too, so you can pinpoint wifi hotspots.

Available on iPhone and Android for free.


Trip Advisor 

The website has again gone mobile. Find out honest reviews on the go, so you can decide whether to go to that expensive looking restaurant, or opt for the cheaper one down the road, without shelling out any cash.

Available on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone for free. 


WhatsApp Messenger

Perfect for keeping in touch with people back home for free, with the use of wifi of course, and you can also send photos too, so you can share your holiday snaps and make everyone jealous.

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


Better Translator Pro 

Parle Francais? Well possibly not, but with this app you can find a few phrases to throw in there, and with 50 languages supported, you’ll have plenty of choice.

Available on Android.


PinPin ATM Finder 

You’re in a foreign city, you need cash quick, but where’s the nearest ATM? This app will help answer that question, taking you direct to the source of the cash.

Available on Windows Phone.


Get downloading!


photo credit: sinkdd via photopin cc

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